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​We are calling on conglomerates, corporations, foundations, organizations, and businesses to join with us to provide assistance to the families in our community. This partnership will assure that we're doing all we can to address the needs of families and clients we serve.


​'Teamwork", a word that many talk about, but very few engage. It's our goal to bring all those that partner with us to the understanding that we can make a difference and change the lives we come in contact with. This foundation helps us work together. We are committed to creating a place that cultivates growth. Join us in a partnership that makes a better place for all.


​If knowledge is half the battle, then educating is the weapon to win and we can't win the war alone. It takes all of us to make this process a winning formula. Bring awareness to the issues in our region. Here's how you can help: partner up with us as we fight homelessness and poverty in our region.


​It’s easy. So we thought. Grants are a part of how we do what it is we do. While grant proceeds may be used for either acquisition of capital assets or operating cost, the majority of the grants must be used to address the needs of the citizens. Such as shelter and food. Which makes this a great place for us to tell you our story and let our members and partners know how they can help us help families.



It's where volunteers, contributors, and donors can make a difference. Giving is one of our greatest assets as a country. And that's why we're teaming up with all that participate in giving to homeless and needy families. There's no shame in needing help, the shame is in those who do nothing. join with us today.


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